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    Is it just me that there are so many concurrent 'I got it' \ 'I didn't get it' that I've lost interest in the board.

    I liked the post by irishalum that suggested everyone post to one thread rather than start their own.

    I guess everyone is overcome by their excitement or disappointment to post to one common thread.

    I'll be checking back after the initial fervor has calmed down and the posts are a little easier to follow.
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    So you didn't get one, eh?
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    I supported the effort - but no such luck !

    So, please see my post ANGST:TREOiphitte and give me ssome guidance- I'm ready - but need some real TREO users to help me acquire the best SW, etc.

    I'd really appreciate it.
    Hitting 'Em Hard, Long and Straight
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    Originally posted by treonyc
    So you didn't get one, eh?
    Actually I'm not in the market right now. I came to the board to learn people's likes and dislikes about the 600. Then if the reaction of the everyday user is positive, I'll be in the market 6 months from now.

    Maybe my reason to coming to the board is different from the existing user base so I got bored because I don't feel like I'm learning anything new -- I'm just getting everybody's positive\negative recap.

    But I guess that is to be expected from such a highly anticipated release.

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