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    TreoCentral should lay down the law unambiguously - posts that attack posters, even "mildly" (which still sting), should be removed.

    TreoCentral has the ability to remove individual posts within a thread - THAT'S the way to make the point that certain type of posts are simply not tolerated - make them DISAPPEAR ENTIRELY.

    Often threads are on-going and continue to have new interesting ON-TOPIC messages posted to them even after the personal attacks have started - to shut down the entire threads rather than deleting any and all even-slightly offending posts to that thread is indeed easier to do (no need to make an editorial decision) but CERTAINLY is dropping the ball.

    Just do it.

    Even use a heavy-hand.

    It's EASY to make a post to ANY thread that has NO REFERENCE AT ALL to another POSTER but instead to the post's CONTENTS.

    Get rid of the others before some valuable posters go away in disgust (like that poor guy who is an authorized Sprint retailer who ONLY passed along exactly what he was told by Sprint and got flamed to death for it! Almost lost a good one because of CRAP).

    I have ZERO problem with having MY OWN posts deleted that TreoCentral - in TreoCentral's PERSONAL ALLPOWERFUL opinion - decide should be deleted.

    But the crap has got to stop.

    And wimping out by closing a possibly-valuable thread enitrely ain't the way to do it.
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    Thank you for your comments.
    -Michael Ducker
    TreoCentral Staff

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