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    OK, this may seem dreadfully fussy, but can anyone tell me about times on TreoCentral. At the bottom of each thread there is a message of the form:

    All times are GMT. The time now is XX.XX.

    At 10.25 GMT this morning the message was:

    All times are GMT. The time now is 11.10.

    Is the clock fast or is there some sort of delay combined with a confusion over what GMT is? (Note that GMT is does not change in spring or autumn, or any other time of year).
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    the server keeps bad time. I will remind marcus to reset.
    -Michael Ducker
    TreoCentral Staff
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    Hmm... It's now almost exactly one hour out so it's showing the actual time in Greenwich (and the rest of the UK) at the moment because we're still on summer time (BST = GMT +1). I can live with this, I'm really not the pedant I must appear in this thread, but strictly speaking it is wrong to call the time TreoCentral is currently displaying GMT.


    I'll shut up about this now!
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    I think I noted SOMEWHERE (General Discussion?) that TreoCentral's time shows either as GMT ==or== as my (semi)correct local time (EDT) pretty much based on the wind direction. Tonight, for example, it has shown as both at different times.

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