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    Previously, when I wanted to see what the latest story or updated item was always on the top of the stories, but lately, I've found this not to be true.

    For example, today, 'Wireless Reloading' (dated 7/25/2003) was before 'Treo 300 SMS Send' (08/01/2003). I know this is a minor annoyance, but it made it easier for me to check if there were any new stories for me to read.

    Thanks for a great site
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    The top spot of the page is actually a featured spot. Articles/Reviews take a lot longer time to produce and are what help make the site unique from other sites. Because of this we want to feature those articles for a longer time to reach more users.

    News is put under that featured article in chronological order, and when the featured article is getting old, news replaces it until a new article is ready.

    I think we are settled into this system as it works well for many. I would pay attention to the top 2 items to find if something is new, not just the top one.

    We are working on some features that may enable users to order how news is shown, or put "new" flags on items they have not seen before. We are in the preliminary stages of this though, so don't expect it to soon.
    -Michael Ducker
    TreoCentral Staff
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    IMHO, the complicated logic for the top of the front page does a disservice to the site, making it seem inconsistent. It might help to somehow make a featured article look visually separate from news items when it's "pinned" to the top. A subtle separator could do the trick, so would a title for the news section.

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