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    When I go into any discussion thread, the only page that I can see is the first. Clicking on the page indicators at the top and bottom of the page do nothing other than refresh the 1st page.
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    I confirm, I have been having this problem since yesterday.

    At first I thought it was my PC but I tested my other PC's and same issue. The problem is that I could not view the other pages of the same thread.

    Any thoughts Moderators?
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    I too am having these problems.

    I'm on Safari 1.0 (v85).
    -- Go Illini!
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    Watch it guys pretty soon this thread will grow too long and we would not be able to see the rest of the thread.
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    We made some code changes the other day, and I guess something broke. Looking at it now.

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    Ok works now.
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    Thanks Marcus for the fix. Works great now!

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