As many of you know our sister site VisorCentral had one of the most complete product databases for accessories and springboards for the Visor organizer. When we launched TreoCentral we added as many devices as we could find at the time. Sadly we have not been able to keep it updated.

The Product Database is an important tool for users because it gives an easily browse able list of all available Treo products accessories and software. It is also the place where users can review products themselves and share their opinions on the software or device. For the site on a whole, the product database supports hosting costs by the affiliate links that are with every product.

We are looking for somebody who can commit a few hours a month adding new products to the database when they are announced. We have an intuitive interface to do this. Volunteers will need to be able to research the product, write a short one paragraph description of it, and resize stock photos of the product to fit our image size. By helping out here you are contributing to the community as a whole, and increasing the value of to new users and old. Volunteers will gain a special title on the boards, and will be recognized for their efforts in as many ways as we can.

If you are interested in doing this please email me at