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    I don't know if is anything related or not, but i am able to see the Yahoo movies for mobile page just fine from my desktop but when i try to load from Blazer on my Treo 270 i get a message that the requeste URL was not on this server.

    is Blazer the culprit?
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    I think your right this problem must reside with Blazer. The moblie site works fine on my desktop. Is anyone having this problem with Eudora?
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    well I loaded Eudora and it seems to stay with the mobile site, so it must be the proxy sever Blazer use's. Any chance on getting them to flush their cache to release to old DNS?
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    I just tried iPanel forthe heck of it, and no go. iPanel is still in beta and has some bugs.
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    My Blazer also shows the 209.208.tcforum.whatever (seemingly NOT the mobile version), even when I specifically select the mobile bookmark.
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    So this time I manually entered, and the non-mobile site came up, with the site as:

    so is the issue with Blazer or the DNS cache, or what?
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    it's offical !!!
    I have given up. I am now using Eudora full time for the mobile site. It works fine with this and is much much faster. Someone please inform me when Blazer starts working again.
    Posting this one from Eudora
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    I have altered nothing, but for the past two evenings the mobile site has worked without a hitch on Blazer on TMobile in Birmingham. The status has swithed from functional to non-functional as late as last Saturday. All seems well today.
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    Originally posted by imageone
    it's offical !!!
    I have given up. I am now using Eudora full time for the mobile site. It works fine with this and is much much faster. Someone please inform me when Blazer starts working again.
    Posting this one from Eudora
    All seems to be well now. Tmo in Memphis. But one question why wouldn't I want to use Eudora all the time? I have been thinking about trying the free Eudora suite, is it not as good/ fast as blazer?

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    Yes for me Eudora is much faster. The draw backs are, text only and no real scroll wheel support. With Blazer I can surf through pages scrolling from link to link in Blazer. With Eudora I have to tap on the link.
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    Another advantage I've discovered with Eudora for this site is that it remembers where you were on the list of threads. With Blazer, I would always have to scroll down and find where I left off. And not only is Eudora faster, but I don't get that annoying unable to download page messsage that I would get half the time (or more, especially with this site for some reason). I won't be going back to Blazer for any Forum sites.
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    Perhaps I am asking too much of a site that does not charge for the slew of info available here ... but I would think you would want your product to meet the needs of your customers ... it's not for me.
    This has been going on for 3 weeks now and it should be fixed. Oh yes, it entices you with the mobile site popping up first, but explore 3 or 4 threads and ... BANG ... back to the full site.
    Marcus -- you asked for info from us and it appears you received it from a few folks ... yet you haven't replied to the thread.
    Wassup with that?
    There have been some great ideas on ways to correct this problem (BTW, thanks, dudes & dudettes), but the fact remains that the PDA site worked great ... UNTIL YOU MOVED THE SERVERS. Now this is your bad ... it needs to be fixed.
    Even the owners of Mercedes or Lexus get rid of their cars when they perceive a lack of quality service ... and I have all but given up!
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    Worked for the last two days flawlwssly now BAM...gone again! It started earlier today whan I tried to go to the mobile discussion site with Blazer and I got a message the site was not available. Later when trying to see if the site was back up all I could get was the regular site. Pleeeeeeze fix this.
    Up the Creek.... Try the River!

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    With all information gathered it seems to be a Blazer proxy issue.

    For some reason at various times, the URL is being replaced with the IP address of the site, which causes the page to load incorrectly as the server decides which page to serve based on the URL.

    Eudora works fine right? Anyone got a contact at HS for the Blazer Proxy?
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    I took out the temporary re-direct information that we had on the old server. So if you get a "page-not-found" or "server-not-found" error now instead of the normal version of the discussion board, it means that HS DNS/Proxy is alternating between the old and new IP.

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    Thanks Marcus. As of noon on T-Mobile in NYC, the mobile site is working correctly. Let's hope this fixes it for good!

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    I'm getting the "default apache" page when going to through my Treo 270/T-Mobile.
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    I get the default Apache page via AvantGo. I never use Blazer.

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    Ok I made some changes to the DNS server. was set up to be a CNAME - maybe Blazer's DNS can't handle CNAME records properly? It is now Arecord.

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    Still getting default Apache pages via Blazer....killing me.
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