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    I'm sure it's not just me.. I updated the forum URL on one of my phones today and noticed avatars were not displaying. Checking the forums on my PC, I see a number of other broken images. I tweeted to webosnation this morning, but I couldn't find the main mobile nations account and didn't feel like searching.
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    I can confirm. I either see placeholders (a couple of white circles making a head and shoulders on gray) or alt text like 'Preemptive's avatar'. Also seeing a 'broken image link' placeholder at the top of the page where my avatar should be.

    Tapping on the user name brings up the little profile summary pop-up, which DOES include the image, so they are present somewhere, just not displayed on posts.

    I can't seem to upload a screen grab, but maybe that's just me...
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    Thanks for the note(s) - it is a known issue and a ticket has been submitted internally for a fix.
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    Thank you for the update

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