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    I will just post this here since it's just a display issue and isn't affecting Preware... I noticed a really odd looking post that had a bunch of words had $ around them, so I quoted it and saw that they weren't really there, as expected.

    I discovered that if you have the abbreviation for Javascript -- and they are only actually there one time, not repeated like shown here -- ( JSJSJS ) $in$ $your$ $post$, $every$ $word$ $after$ $it$ $will$ $have$ $dollar$ $signs$ $around$ $it$, $as$ $if$ $it$'$s$ $triggering$ $some$ $kind$ $of$ $keyword$ $functionality$.

    I edited the post in the screen shot and replaced the letters "J S" with the spelled out the word JavaScript, and it it stopped displaying that way.

    Neat trick!
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    Either Forums isn't affected, or the amazing site wizards fixed it already. :P

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    Assumed to be javascript detection of some sort. I'm still seeing the error in the browser.

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