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    Congratulations to the webOS Nation winners (and the winners at our sister sites) of our 15 Years of Mobile Nations contest!

    And the winners are......

    Posted here:

    Announcing the winners in our 15 Years of Mobile Nations contest! | webOS Nation

    What?? There's another article for this posted on the front page and you think I'd give the names here? Go up there - see if you won, and congratulate the winners!

    Thanks again to Marcus, Kevin, and the whole Mobile Nations crew for including webOS Nation in this one!

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    Congratulations to ... oh I suppose I spoil it by writing their names!

    I recognise two of them, but they are on other sites - well a win is a win!

    Congratulations to all winners.
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    Boo, not me. Congrats to the winners.
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    Anybody else looking through some of the comments on the various mobile nations sites and seeing people commenting about not only webOS but, " did anybody else have to google what webOS nation is like I did ?" I know crying over nothing, but still, like really ? I dont know maybe its just me looking too much into things being said on the internet again, it is what it is

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    I'm here to say "thanks"...
    Thanks for all your support, thanks for all yo... Hey!

    Was not me????


    Best Regards...
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    I was sure that I had bribed to mods to let me win... what a downer (and gimme my money back).

    Congrats to the winners
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