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    I'm having some trouble with the site - forums specifically.

    This is on the Pre2 a laptop and PC, so I don't think it's my devices specifically, unless it's only me!

    Graphics don't appear leaving a text only layout. Not a major problem except that links (edit, reply etc) 404. nginx

    Is there a problem with part of the server that delivers graphics or formatting?

    I only noticed it this week. The pages load, but not graphics & the depleted site doesn't work very well with the 404 problem.
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    Could you post a screenshot?

    In the dropdown menu at the bottom left of the forums... which site 'style' do you have activated?
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    Sure. It's an intermittent problem & it looks like the 'furniture' of the forums isn't being delivered. You can see the youtube video (which plays).

    Site style: -- webOSnation. Maybe I should fiddle with that.

    Clicking 'reply' or thanks goes to the 404 page. Although the 'like' button appears, it doesn't work. In fact, it doesn't seem to be working when the threads are properly displayed - like this one (which is why I can reply to it!)

    I'll try to like your post and thank you for it - and your response has been very prompt! ;-) (edit: Thanks worked, like didn't)

    If it's just me, then it must be something... I don't know, in my router? I'm getting the same thing on A window PC. laptop and Pre2...

    Thanks for any help.

    Another thing - as with this thread, when it displays properly, all seems to go OK (except 'like'). When it doesn't, refresh doesn't seem to work. Sometimes revisiting via the home page or forums home might work. Not sure if this is a local cacheing effect or an connection problem within the server.
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    Here's a picture of your post. Shouldn't all the buttons be in a line? 'Like' is dropped below.
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    I see....

    It's a problem with the server that hosts member profiles.... if you click on a person's name and go to their profile, you'll see the full extent of the problem, with missing images, mal-updated CSS (looks like someone experimented with link colors) and clicking on links that request user posts (search all posts or thanked) lead to a 404

    Looks like a single server is the source of this bad configuration
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    Oh, yes, headers and footers display normally which is what is causing me to think a specific part of the site has a problem - given that in-post images & videos are OK.

    Of course, I'm wondering if webOSnations recent demotion caused the server admin to blow the dust off a commodore 64 and say, "Stick it on here." ;-)

    (waits to get flamed by Geekpeter...)
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    You know what else i've noticed?

    The two or three servers that host forum contents sometimes fail merge new/updated threads into the "todays posts" feed until 10 or 20 minutes later, so as a result an old cached feed is presented to the user, and later on, those undisplayed threads from the same time period are inserted into it (and languish somewhere near the middle of the page...)
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    I was going to post about the change in the button differences. I still see the buttons but Like is out of place and the way likes are displayed has changed like Preemptive's picture. Since I've noticed, the LIke button doesn't work anymore for me either.
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    This problem should be fixed now. A wrong version of a file was accidentally uploaded. Sorry about that.
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    All fixed now
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tom Kaminski View Post
    This problem should be fixed now. A wrong version of a file was accidentally uploaded. Sorry about that.
    It was a minor annoyance, quickly fixed. Thanks very much for your help.
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    Anyone else seeing this?

    UPDATE 28/02/2015: Maybe it was just me and the issue seesm to have resolved itself now.
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