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    <reading thread, single tear running down cheek>
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    Quote Originally Posted by bill2455 View Post
    <reading thread, single tear running down cheek>
    Same here, it feels like being archived...

    Will be around with webOS on my Veer, Pre3 and Touchpad at least another year if Androids apps are coming through with ACL. Just invested heavily in that ;-)
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    Quote Originally Posted by pkcable View Post
    I still love you guys!
    we've got one hell of a game 6 coming up! (sharks not webOS)
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    I sure hope that if anything hp or lg are helping this website stay afloat on the web. This is like a past gf you can't get over.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bulls96 View Post
    I sure hope that if anything hp or lg are helping this website stay afloat on the web. This is like a past gf you can't get over.

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    Just read the open webOS logs and we are soon getting a video of openWebOS progress on a GNex.
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    This kinda of talk hurts my soul.
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    Oh , how I hope LG is doing good for still my favorite OS. Even after shelving my 2 Pre3's and (sigh) getting an i5. It's just okay compared to the webOS.
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    As its battery dropped from 80 to 0% within a few minutes and replacements are hard to get in Germany, I switched from my Pre- to a Razr I three months ago -> battery life (3 days with average to power usage) and performance are amazing, but Android itself is not really my thing. Miss the intuitive 'flow' of webOS very much!

    Every now and then I keep coming back for news hoping to read something promising.
    And I would say, these days the anouncement that webOSNation will live on is something to embrace

    Regards, Doc
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    what is all this morbid talk? i come back for a quick visit and am i reading some blubber about webOSnation finally pushing up daisies??


    i do apologize for my lack of participation here as of late; i've really just been slammed at work staring at 2-5 computer monitors at a time, so i really don't want to do anything but watch "tv" and decompress when i come home....and my FrankenPre2 has been performing well enough that I haven't needed to come here seeking help or insight.

    but for all you naysayers suggesting that webOS is obsolete, i'm sorry but i must prove you wrong.

    because i'm still using my FrankenPre2 (yes, the one I built out of 3 different phones and posted pics here) and that's my ONLY phone, which i use daily, and use it hard.

    i'm still steaming Pandora (commercial-free of course) 3-8 hours a day, connected to my stereo BT headset from the moment i leave for work, 'til i come home. Then at home, i flip on the FreeTether wifi and i'm watching "tv" (at the moment going back thru all 24 seasons of Simpsons) using the phone as my ONLY source of internet at home now. yep, you read that right. i cancelled my att uverse when my discount rate expired, and have been gobbling up Sprint's truly unlimited data. i've watch my data usage go up from ~3gig a month to over 5gig a month, all thru my little Pre2 (with its Pre- comm board that's so old i still haven't been hit with their $10 smartphone fee!) and, please keep in mind i don't have a television; so all that i watch is online via the Pre2.

    my little FrankenPre2 still delivers what i've always loved about it: a portrait slider with real keyboard, the river-rock shape that feels right in my hand and fits easily in my pocket, and of course the awesomeness that is webOS ease-of-use. AND NOW i'm using it more than ever, as my sole source of internet for my Dell i7 laptop and HP touchpad. i'm typing this post right now, on my laptop tethered to the Pre2.

    this little ol' phone is hardly obsolete. it can do everything i need it to (multiple address email organizer, Sprint Nav GPS, google chat, google calendar sync, stream tunes, take snapshots (w/ flash), daily wake-up alarm clock, etc etc) and now i'm also using it as my only internet portal at home. 3G is apparently just fast enough for what i do. and of course i have a boatload of spare batteries, and touchstones placed everywhere i go routinely.

    i have always loved webOS and i'll keep using it as long as i can get my hands on a working model. Sprint will have to phase out 3G cdma before i give it up. and if i'm the last person left on the planet using webOS, then so be it. because webOS rules!

    ...and it will remain the best phone OS ever, until someone comes up with something that is as intuitive and easy to use as this as been. what are they on, the 8th version of android, and they STILL haven't made it as simple to use as webOS has been since day one?? i'll pass on droid and ipoo, thanx but no thx.

    if you've given up on webOS, then you just bought into the hype of 4G, which i did test on ATT and TMo, and concluded it wasn't worth switching to. little phone STILL turns heads. someone saw my Pre2 the other day and asked me, 'is that your phone? it's so cute!' (imagine if i had a Veer) seems people today are so used to the standard brick , they forgot how conveniently small cellphones once were.

    yeah. the Pre was innovative, intuitive, and so far ahead of its time that it's still a viable daily driver smartphone years after its production ended.

    kudos to all who are still using, or purchasing and activating them. webOS lives on in the hearts of those who know.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bulls96 View Post
    This is like a past gf you can't get over.
    i think its more like if your Significant Other developed a terminal illness (Apotheker Syndrome?) but you stick with her for better or worse until she finally does pass on because no amount of Doctoring can restore her.
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    @docholiday: Yeah, I've used a Razr i from October 2012 to April 2013. Really awesome, indeed the battery life is superb! But yeah, Android became annoying to me after a while so I switched back to my Pre 3.
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    Just stick that knife in a little deeper why don't you...

    Sent from my DROID RAZR MAXX, but webOS is always in me...
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    @TJs11thPre, I didn"t want to quote your whole post but I agree totally. I see this thread about what OS platform have you moved to and I wonder why I should switch. Like Ruby once said "What is it gonna do for me?" Seems I would loose more than I would gain.

    Anyway I have a franken pre also, and I just love the way how it looks, and feels and works. The other day I had an issue where it would stop charging on the touchstone and was especially annoying going down I-95 every time I go over a bump. I manged to fix it by playing with the screws. But for a while I was using the usb to charge and it just about drove me crazy. It made me think thats how 99.99% of folks charge their phones. I cant do it, sorry.

    In fact I'm gonna buy another backup pre2 just to make sure I don't have to switch anytime soon.
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    I have both Android and webOS running on my Touchpad and you know what... I'm still booting into webOS 99 percent of the time. I hope services continue to run (the biggest blow for me was when Quickoffice stopped connecting to Dropbox due to API changes).

    Truth be told I see no reason to change tablets - webOS does everything I need it to do for now and the only reason I might stop using it is if all essential services are shutdown.

    I do hope the front page articles continue, I might not post much but I do like to keep myself informed. I'm currently using a Windows Phone 8 device, it's not perfect but it does the job and so does my Touchpad.
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    Now that TM13 is revealed as a panel discussion with social media input from users... Revealing Talk Mobile 2013

    And webOS Nation has been downgraded from front page status on the Mobile Nations radar...

    Let's take a look over at Mobile Nations Forum (beta) shall we?

    • Talk Mobile has replaced webOS Nation on the top banner of Mobile Nations sites.
    • On the Beta board there is now a new Talk Mobile 2013 section... It used to be called "What is this place" or something like that. They wiped it all clean and reset for the new TM13.
    • webOS Nation still gets a redirect to this site for anyone interested in the OS. Just like the "big 4" that still share the top banner.
    • Management is trying to concern itself with emerging OS choices.

    I used to log on at Mobile Nations Forum daily... It's been about a week since I've bothered to log in. There just hasn't been a lot of participation. I finally logged in today to get a look at the changes.

    Here's the point. Users want to discuss what is out right now. They don't care, to large degree, about upcoming OS releases like FireFox, Ubuntu Touch, Tizen, etc. That site has been up for months and not moved forward as developments unfold with new and upcoming OS/device choices.

    Doubly so the lack of interest for things past.

    It's neither good nor bad. It simply is. If a consumer can't walk into a carrier's store and handle/buy the device then it doesn't get much chatter on the web.

    Until and unless something changes this status of immediate consumer availability webOS is flying below the radar... And that's the radar screens of the people who come to Mobile Nations. The administrators/owners are simply reacting to this trend.
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