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    This is the top banner I'm talking about, and it pushes the page contents halfway down the screen. Also, when viewed in Chrome instead of the Touchpad's browser, the ad script is often visible as text, with the forum controls mangled or missing.

    Has anyone seen this sort of thing, or is it just me, tethering off my VZW Pre+?
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    I have it happen from time to time.
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    We are aware of the issue and are working on fixes. Our apologies, and thanks for the patience!

    If you do spot again, post a screenshot, that would be helpful!
    James Falconer
    Community Manager, Mobile Nations
    Twitter: @JamesFalconer
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    I took one recently, but I can't remember whether I saved it or not. Not that that helps. At all.
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    You talking about the one that always advertised CrackBerry related articles? I find it really irrelevant. If you're going to put something annoying that takes up a third of the screen, might as well put something that people on this forum may find more useful. (Not saying BlackBerrys aren't a way to go, but there's already another site with more attention dedicated to that. Leave us webOS users alone.)
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    Here is a screen shot
    Attached Images Attached Images
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    Never seemed to have seen that type of ad on this site before...
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    I seem to get it a lot on Ubuntu.
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    I get that same ad on my Touchpad

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