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    i iwas just again spamblocked on the Main Page even after deleting all links...

    windsornot article comment 2min ago:

    not that i like non-keyboard phones, but this last picture is epic. Now the Touchstone two makes sense. They were so ahead innovationwise.

    Thx Derek for this great article...

    Now what's next? Check out General News Discusion Forum * Big webOS news this weekend?
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    checking for you

    Update... Weird... I found your post and made it viewable. Try adding your link, or reposting your original comment and let me know when you do and I can check it for you. We are tweaking the spam filters because soooooo much crap has been getting through with spammers updating items. We may need to have the folks behind the scenes know of instances of members getting caught so they can fine-tune.
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    edited a short answer and pasted content without link. This time it worked. Weird.

    couldn't be at least links to own Forum be whitelisted?
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    not sure what they are doing behind the scenes as far as the filters go. I've seen other long-standing members get caught by the filters in the past. It isn't that it is flagging your post as 'spam', but putting it into a 'moderated' filter for us to check first before publishing. If you (or any other long time member) has this happen, just let us know so we can have the dev team can look into it.
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    To add to what Mr Newman said, we haven't been able to detect a real pattern when we've seen this happen, at least not yet.
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    I've been caught in it a few times recently as well. Not in the last few weeks though.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Grabber5.0 View Post
    I've been caught in it a few times recently as well. Not in the last few weeks though.
    Well, we need to fix that then! We can't have your posts showing up here! LOL
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    For everyone's info... the spam detector 'learns' over time, and unfortunately from time to time, scenarios like the above happen.

    The best thing to do is exactly what was done in this case... report it so that we can take a look. Over time this will happen less and less...
    James Falconer
    Community Manager, Mobile Nations
    Twitter: @JamesFalconer
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    Thanks James!
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    Thanks James.... and BTW... you need a little larger badge there. (I hope black isn't going to be our color - Touchpad deep Blue or old P|C Deep Green please)
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