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    The reason att wanted to buy tmobile even though tmobiles network sucks, is because of 1) the very few areas where it was better 2) the increase in customer base 3) the power to negotiate more frequency space

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    Well now... Marcus' comments sure have brought forth some discussion... love it!

    Carry on...
    James Falconer
    Community Manager, Mobile Nations
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    Just wanted to remind everyone, even though I haven't been around for a couple of week, I'll be here with all you crazy folks hanging on for this bumpy ride.
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    Quote Originally Posted by OldSkoolVWLover View Post
    Just wanted to remind everyone, even though I haven't been around for a couple of week, I'll be here with all you crazy folks hanging on for this bumpy ride.
    you word it as if your not one of the crazy people
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    This has turned into an interesting convo.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mutoidi View Post

    From this --> to this!
    Long Live webOS Nation!

    That lockscreen
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    Quote Originally Posted by formerwebosfan View Post
    I really miss my Pre and can only hope to see webos available for my pos android phone. It makes me sick to see other os's brag about features that webos had in 2009. TMobile had it right when they ran the advertising asking ATT why they wanted to buy them when their network was so bad.

    As far as support for old technology goes I remember when the Commodore Amiga was
    killed. There was talk about resurrecting it also. and it had strong community support . It was by far the best os out there but the market thought otherwise.

    I guess it's time to pick another superior but doomed platform, I'm kind of getting used to disappointment. At least my reel to reel tape recorders still work.
    I suppose I've always been a bit of an against the flow guy, but I tell you I was completely stunned when webOS didn't take off. I'm not a luddite and have my share of drawers and closets full of old tech - I work in the applications biddness. But my friends, the Pre3 is the best damned phone I have ever had or will have. I am close to buying a spare for when this one dies. I simply cannot imagine using anything else.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ananimus View Post
    There's PalmOS before webOS, and Windows Mobile before Windows Phone 7. Granted, those are probably pretty darn quiet now, but they were very popular not so long ago.

    And there have to be Symbian and Maemo folks out there, too. For that matter, wonder how the CrackBerry forums will look as things fracture toward the new BBOS generation of stuff. At any rate, Symbian owned (and may still?) the world while being backed by Nokia hardware. I still drool looking at some of the Symbian phones.
    Hi ananimus, i visit webOSnations every day to see the forum and read other owners posts, its well supported,
    i have 3 Touchpads, a pre2 and 3 pre3 phones all in regular use and not giving up till they all fail to work,
    as for Symbian phones i am a Nokia collector and i use them( N8/C7 are still at last update equal to Android in many ways,) my N8 camara can beat the new 920 windows phone apart from low light pictures, and its 2010 phone, also N9 Meego a unique phone, a N900 running Meamo5 is very useful a real geek phone, only Symbian have a good site well visited two years after being disowned by Nokia the other two systems very limited now, so webOS owners are well served by this site, i will be here until the end, owning and using abandoned/ unsupported devices that are brilliant but not appreciated by the average buyers is better than being
    a I phone/Android drone, they do not no what they are missing.
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    IMO as long as there are individuals who value a quality OS, webOS will live on in one form or another.

    I have been back and forth and had all the other handsets in between, yup had a N9, WP8, lots of Android, iOS, and Symbian but I keep coming back like a moth to a flame lol

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    One question to the Derek of WebOS nation, many articles have been written about tips on how to use WebOS and such......even on how to install android on our TouchPads. But what I have never seen was an article on: How to install/Hack WebOS 2.2.4 on to older devices like the Pre 2 or the users who buy the small Veer ? I wish to see a future article giving us a step-by-step instruction on how to easily install it on our devices.....

    Thanks for consideration...
    Owner of an HP TouchPad (32GB) and a brand new Palm Pre 3 (16GB) for VZ wireless.
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