When posting to the forum via Internet Explorer (all this testing is on a Windows 2000 machine), the "Message" / "Your Reply" textarea is roughly 52 characters wide, depending on the actual characters used, of course, since the font is proportional -- to count, I used:


This width is quite acceptable.

In Mozilla 1.2.1 and Netscape 7.01, however, the window is basically unusably narrow -- it's only 34 or 33 characters wide, respectively.

FWIW, the latest browser in Netscape's 4.x series, Communicator 4.8 (which doesn't share the "Gecko" rendering engine of Mozilla and Netscape 6-7), has a usable 50-character-wide textarea.

I haven't tried other browsers, like Opera, so not sure what the story is there, but whatever the case, it would be nice if the webmasters here could get the post page to display properly on browsers besides IE (and Netscape 4.x). For a variety of reasons, Mozilla is my regular browser...