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    Since we are a communtiy of orphans now. And since the front page has not been updated in ages (why should it, since the springboard is dead as well as the Visor line). Why not turn the front page into something like Fat Wallet. com or Price Grabber? A place where Staples can advertise their limited stock at what ever price they want or who ever needs a loyal following to sell too. Sightings of great deal on parts can be posted,etc. I've noticed that alot of us still come by and check the postings. Here is a chance for VisorCentral not only provide a service but, earn some money.
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    why did this post about visorcentral get moved to treocentral???
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    We are working on updating VisorCentral to beocme a better resource for people who may have bought a Visor second hand and want to use it, or for people who still have them and are looking for deals, and new things to do with it. I don't have a time frame, but i think it will be done this month.
    -Michael Ducker
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