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    Yesterday the harddrive in the primary webserver failed, and we have not been able to recover data as of yet. We succesfully installed a backup copy of the site this morning, so there might be some glitches here and there.

    Known issues:
    - The SSL certficate in the ringtones area is not working yet.
    - Some code in the ringtones area might be outdated
    - Any images uploaded since January 6th might be lost
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    I read your site often, lots of my friends have been having computer crashes the last few days. Tonight , mine went down ,resetting the system back to where it began when I started the computer LOL Interesting the error message I got when the system seemed to partially come up was that my active X controls (security) were set so as to prohibit me opening anything. Not sure if there is a worm or virus, but noticed AOL email is offline now. Also today I learned of a bank in my area that had a lot of problems. All might be coincidental, if you find out what caused your crash please post!

    Just a note with each post to thank all of you for ALL the great info on this site!
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    He said the hard drive failed. That is a hardware problem. Heavily used drives will only last a certain amount of time.

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