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    Love the site. Always come here for the boards, reviews, articles, news, etc. Y'all do a great job.

    Gotta question.

    I've noticed that the "Around the Web" section of the home page has been suffering from deja vu. When a big new item comes along, there are several links to different sources, all about the same thing. In some cases they're virtually the same article. I'm interested in seeing different perspectives on a topic, but I sometimes there are several links which all give me the same perspective. I'd rather see less new links, considering that the repeats don't really have new information anyway.

    Thoughts? (there's the question

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    As the tagline says, our ATW is powered by Google News. This enables us to have always updated around the web, from more sources than we could ever think of. Personally I have been very impressed with it, and often it is where i first see news. Google gives us all the results, and often the results are doubles. If you look at the top 100 received you get more variety (and older posts). And if you click the pwoered by you get the actual search.

    I agree that often 1 AP article ends up being the top 3, but the convienence of automatic updateing, and a much larger variety of sources overcome the other issues IMHO.
    -Michael Ducker
    TreoCentral Staff
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    Adding to Ducker's comments.... If an article from two different sources has the same headline, we usually suppress one of the sources.
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    I understand. That makes sense.

    Thanks for the replies and the thoughtfulness you put into the site.


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