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    Had this a time ago, my accounts comments get queued for approval. Is it cause of the Uppercaseing?
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    what article did this happen on... I can take a look
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    I approved your post in that thread. It looks to be that when you made the post the system actually posted it 9 times in a row. Our filters caught a post with links in it being posted multiple times and treated it as spam. Not sure why, but sometimes due to some Interweb wonkiness (actual word) a post can hit multiple times for some reason even though you only hit the 'submit' button once - and because your's contained links, it hit the spam filter.

    Hopefully this won't be happening often, but if you encounter your posts needing to be 'approved' in the future, let us know and we can have the admin check it out.
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    Be careful when commenting and using a TouchPad. If you refresh after having submitted a comment, the TouchPad's browser will resubmit the comment. Do that too many times and you'll freak our spam filter out.
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