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    I'm sure there are plenty of things all the big people around here (I'm mostly looking at you, Derek) can think of.
    The last one was posted back in March, and here it is June. That can't be all you've got guys?!

    What about...

    1) Photo app improvements?
    -Rotate pictures
    -Upload to Picasa,, dropbox, etc (more of an Accounts issue)
    -See filenames (maybe even edit filenames)
    -See more details (resolution, time & date taken, file size, etc.)
    -Edit picture (crop, resize, etc.)
    -Sort into folders and subfolders

    2) App folders (ala iOS & Android).
    webOS may not have nearly as many apps, but that doesn't mean I haven't downloaded a ****-ton of them. I keep five pages of apps (so they're all nice & organized how I like them) and a few of my pages still require me to scroll a lot! I'd be nice to be able to group my various card games, music apps, or travel apps in respective folders together (and it would somewhat address that multiple-preferences-app complaint).

    3) Web browser
    -Find on page!! I don't think this needs much explanation, but I've always found it to be a huge feature missing from 2.x and 3.x. Alternate browsers may support it (though Advanced Browser's use of it is hella buggy for me), but it is something that should be built in to the stock browser.
    -Save page for offline use

    4) Messaging app:
    -Enter automatically sends! ***? Thank god for patches, but still, this should be -- at worst -- something to play with in an Options menu.
    -If a receive a text from my wife with line breaks (such as a shopping list), I would like it to actually show line breaks on my end...
    -Cleaner timestamps (thank you homebrew)
    -Character counter stock
    -Search message history

    5) Camer app
    -Zoom (digital software zoom, of course)
    -Resolution selection (another "My Treo can do it, why can't my Pre?!")
    -Filters like black & white, sepia, etc.

    Plus general features like
    -Real widgets
    -Contact grouping (another "Treo...")
    -Something to allow my contacts to recognize duplicate numbers & emails. For instance, I have my friend's phone number saved in his contact profile on my Gmail account, but he also has it listed on his facebook... and so both show up even though they are the same number. >_< (and yes, I want to keep my contacts' info stored in my Gmail account for my own keeping. It has happened before where someone may want to take some of their personal info off facebook, thus removing it from my contact profile for that person. I just want the app to recognize duplicates and consolidate them, yet still list them separately while editing that contact),

    When I think of Open webOS, I'm really not thinking about tablets, though. I thinking of how awesome it would be to get webOS 3.x features (plus all of the wishlist enhancements) on our "legacy" devices. I have a VZW Pre 3 and I would really love to have my email and text notifications be swipeable one at a time (or swipe the entire list at once) like the Touchpad has! Rotation lock! Brightness slider in drop-down device menu stock (without need for patching).

    You know, making this list, I forgot and took for granted so many of the various patches I have I have installed. I really had to think back to stock webOS and all it was (and still is) lacking. I don't know what I would've done without all those patches over the years.

    P.S. Sorry for the ramble...
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