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    How alive is webOS(Nation)?
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    Well, at least we don't need a defibrillator just yet.
    A graph would be pretty cool.
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    I myself comes here maybe once a week, sometimes once every other week, before TP was canceled I was here 10 times a day.
    If this helped you hit thanks.
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    There is a cycle, it ramps up, get less and less active, but kind of cool that this forum still exists...
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    I'm here multiple times a day, but I expect it will get busier in August. With a spike if 3.06 gets released. ;-)

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    What's good about the current situation in that most of the trolls don't feel threatened any more and have disappeared.

    Things should pick up in September.
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    I still come here a few times a day...used to be here a few times an hr before ...dont know why I still come here...have moved on to a few android devices until finally settling on the RAZR maxx...outstanding phone but dying for the day i can dual boot to open webOS...still carry my pre2 with me everywhere "just in case " some crazy webosinternals hack gets released...still have my touch pad.

    But sorely miss the activity on these forums. What a ride it has been...probably why I still come here.

    I really hope there will be a resurrection.

    Pre central...oops I mean webosnation...has a special place in my heart
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    i'm sure they can make a graph with #currently active forum users over the course of time
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    I think that they would rather just lump us in with the other WebOS Nations numbers. Just a small part of the 8,294,537 readers per month. (BTW I am probably 150 of those.)
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    Still here :-)
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    Still happily here too, folks. And will continue to be here regardless of what graphs, bean counters, experts and results of popularity contests say.
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    I'm here at least once a day and I'm always up for a cool graph!
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    Over the past week or 2 I've been checking in once or twice day. Love these forums also!

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    I was here ALL the time every day when I used my Pre Plus. Switched to Android but still peeked around in here. Just didnt have anything to contribute since I wasnt using webOS. But I got a TouchPad and now I'm back on here on a daily basis. And as far as how busy this forum is, its actually a lot busier than the other forums Im on over at XDA.
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    Well, this thread is actually the hottest thread at the moment.
    That should give us an idea.
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    I'm here several times throughout the day. I post probably 3 to 5 times a week...on average...but then 72ka's new version of Google Maps popped up and I'm a bit more active.
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    i pop in quite a few times a day. Rarely ever posted but i love webOS and it's community. I just showed my Manager TTS this morning and got the same WHOA! reaction i always get when they first see TTS in action. Touchpad + Pre3 is awesome and so is webOS Nation.
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    still here...
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    "How alive is webOS(Nation)?"

    super mega ultra alive!
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    Alive in the superunknown!
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