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    I just finished the week-long learning experience of writing my first app in Enyo. It's a WiFi Share controller that uses samba for wireless file transfers. I click 'New Thread' in the Homebrew App forum so I can share it with everyone, and apparently I don't have permission to make a new thread there. What's going on?

    I've been able to post plenty of threads in the webOS Patches forum, so why not Homebrew Apps?
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    There were some behind-the-scenes changes to the site recently. This may be a bug that got missed. I'll let the guys know - thanks for reporting it!

    Oh.. and just for clarification, you are talking about the webOS Homebrew Apps forum itself, and not the HP TouchPad Homebrew forum, correct?
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    I thought you had to send some request and be approved by the staff to post there
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    I am indeed talking about the webOS Homebrew Apps section- I don't really want to post it in the Touchpad forum because it's device-agnostic.

    And IIRC the request to staff is to get your own entry in the developer forums.
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    Ok, thanks... I sent a note up the chain for you to let the admin know about it.
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    Which forum specifically?

    HP TouchPad Homebrew
    webOS Homebrew Apps

    The former is open to all, the latter requires developer access to start a thread and is intended for apps in the webOS Nation Homebrew Gallery. This setting has not changed.
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    Ahh... that makes sense. He's referring to the latter (webOS Homebrew Apps forum)
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    Ah I see, thanks for the note and clarification guys. The naming seems needlessly confusing to me though, where am I supposed to post phone-specific/phone-compatible homebrew apps?
    HP Touchpad Homebrew suggests that it's only for the Touchpad, which means the possible audience for showing off an app is diminished.

    Perhaps you guys should consider renaming the appropriate subforums and/or adding a 'developers only' line to the webOS Homebrew Apps description?
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