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    On the old version of the mobile forums, if I had a new PM, it would display my user name at the top of the page in bold. It seems like something like that doesn't happen with the new version. Each time I go to the mobile forums, I have to open the User CP to see if I have any. Is this because the user name isn't displayed on the page any more or have I just missed a setting somewhere?

    If it turns out that the mobile forums currently do _not_ have that feature any more, could it be considered to find some way to re-implement it?


    Edit: after I posted this, I also noticed there's no way to subscribe to a thread on the mobile forums. I don't remember if the old version had this feature or not, but is there some way to subscribe (or some way that could be added) to threads on the mobile forums?
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    Thanks for adding the PM links to the top of the mobile forums! It's even better than the old version by showing counts & letting you go right to Personal Messages - save a tap.

    Are you able to work similar magic on subscribing to threads from the mobile forums? Thread tools are really the only functionality left missing for _me_.

    Thanks again,

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