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    if i am on my touchpad and want to post a comment for some article on the front page, say this one for example

    it takes a long, long, loooooooooooooooooooong time to scroll down the page, past all the other comments, before i can get to the comment box. most of the time i don't even bother because it takes so long to scroll down.
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    Ah, if only they would listen and add real scrollbars to webOS. :-)
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    I don't like having to always scroll down, it's a little annoyance, but it makes a difference.
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    I wish that I didn't have to login twice, one for front page and one for forums. And I also wish that the front page was always in the forums, I can't comment on front page articles with TP communities or keep track of my postings.
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    One could use the Advanced System Behavior 2.x Patch to have Power scroll as new gesture...BUT as long as log in into frontpage is not possible for phones, no one could comment after power scrolling down

    - Adds new gesture controls for quickly jumping to beginning / end of the page (power swipe up/down). Also adds gestures for accessing history and bookmarks quickly (power swipe left/right).

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