It seems the new post link has changed or it has become total ineffective for me anymore. Has something changed or is it broken?

I often switch between devices; several desktops, TP and phones throughout the day. It seems the site tracks which links I've read fine if I stay on one device. It will list all threads, even those in which I have posted when using the "new posts" link.

However, when I switch devices it acts as if I pushed "mark all read" and only list the threads that are new from the time I switched devices. If I wasn't aware of the behavior I would think the site had gone dead and everyone has stopped posting.

I can use the "today's posts" on every thing but the mobile site.

I don't think this behavior is doing your site any good. I would guess it is slowing traffic to the site as people think there's less posts then there are.

Please consider fixing it.....