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    Now that ENYO 2.0 is out, can we expect to see to be available in ENYO?

    Seems like if anyone should be first to make use of these new tools it would be our favorite webOS website.
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    I doubt very much that websites of any sort will use Enyo. It's more of a framework for applications to use.

    If you want to see Enyo at work here at webOSNation, download the app Precentral News HD, and there you go!
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    Quote Originally Posted by sledge007 View Post
    I doubt very much that websites of any sort will use Enyo. It's more of a framework for applications to use.
    I think that you're missing OP's point--just as we all like web apps turned into Enyo apps on our TPs, how much would it be worth to devs to be able to have those same apps run on other platforms (such as Windows, iOS, Android, etc.)?

    Compare the possibilities for Enyo to be an app lingua franca to what Pokki is trying to do on Windows.
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    Maaaaaybe. All depends on how good of an experience it is compared to our default setup. We'll see.

    Also, Enyo 2.0 has only been released in "core" form right now. It'll be a few months before anybody can really build apps or websites off of it.
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    as long as international characters still can't be put into text fields like in enyo 1.0 (e.g. HP Maps, ReadOnTouch, DataJog...) this framework is not ready for the primetime Sorry i have to bash the GLOBAL leader in PC business - HP - again for beiing so shortsighted and not fixing this for half a year now).
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    I'd imagine that we are going to see more sites that take advantage of Enyo 2.0 (esque) functionality. Agreed, that Enyo 2.0 is more geared to the Web App space. Although, AJAX is designed to give websites the ability to feel more like Apps and less like webpages. So it really seems that with the right eye for design, that a "Web Site" that is designed and build on Enyo 2.0 (when the get the UI elements built) could have a game-changing type effect on the web community. Remember the first time you saw AJAX in use?

    Thanks for the spirited comments. You guys do great things! I am a lover of WebOS and it'll take a lot to change my love for the OS.

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