WebOS Nation utilizes an infractions system to communicate with and track members who have violated our forum rules. This system allows us to apply rules in a fair and uniform way, and ensure that repeat offenders are not given unlimited opportunities to correct their behavior.

If you receive an infraction you will receive a private message referencing the rule in which you've violated. Each infraction type is assigned a predetermined point value depending on the severity of the violation. Infraction point values are detailed in the table below.


Infractions can also be sent in the form of a zero point warning. Warnings serve as a polite way to encourage first time offenders, and those with minor violations, to follow the rules.


Infractions have an expiration time. When an infraction expires, the associated points are removed from your point total. For example, an infraction for trolling is worth 20 points per infraction. Each infraction is configured to expire in 10 days. However, if you receive a second infraction an additional 10 days will be added to your remaining balance.

Excessive Infraction Points & Ban's:

If you exceed specific thresholds, we will automatically enforce a ban on your account. We reserve the right to give arbitrary infractions at our discretion.


No individual member should consider themselves as someone who is above the rules. If you stand out in the community as someone who trolls, swears, belittles, etc. - on an ongoing basis - our infractions system will work as intended. We, as Forum Moderators, Managers, and Administrators hold ourselves to the same standards and do our best to "think before we post." We ask that you do the same.


For Warnings/Infractions, please contact the Moderator who issued the Warning/Infraction via private messaging. This is not an invitation to belittle, harass, or insult the Staff member. If you do so, you will either receive an additional infraction and/or join our banned group at our discretion. The moderators job is to maintain order within the forums and make WebOS Nation a place for all members to enjoy. The community as a whole is a friendly and welcome environment to everyone. It is our mission to maintain this environment.

Please keep in mind that warnings are just to warn you of any violation to the forum rules set in place and do not count against you. There is no need to appeal a warning. However, feel free to send a private message to the moderator if you would like additional clarification.

Alternatively, you may use the Contact Us form. The Forum Managers/Admins will review each case and collectively decide whether there is sufficient evidence to overturn the Infraction or Ban. If you wish to follow up with your appeal, please send us an email (Due to high volumes, expect a delay in response). Please note that our moderators receive extensive training and are skilled in making pragmatic decisions. They also do their best to read as much of a thread as possible to ensure they are putting the post in question into context. Because of this we typically back our moderators in every decision they make.