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    This is as seen on a hackintosh netbook. The top 1/5'th is banner, the next 1/5'th is advertisement, followed closely by navigation, the bottom 1/5'th is advertisement, the Right 1/3'd is advertisement.

    I guess there's just no room left for content?! Considering the whimpering-stuttering death of webos, perhaps that's truthfully not a big deal. </soapbox>

    Avatars.... <hrumpphh> I guess, since all the cool kids are doing it.
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    I'm not seeing this all the time - once in a while I see an ad across the top but nothing like that. Have you seen it routinely?
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    It is nothing new. I get different 2nd advertisements from time to time. Many times it is right in the middle of the screen. Hit the x and go on with life. Mobile Nations has to pay their bills. Likey the ads will be Droid Phones as that seems to be the only ones buying these ads. Hope to see the ads for webOS someday, but not counting on it ever.
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    if you are using Chrome or FF browsers - use the AdBlock extension. (but you didn't hear that from me)

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