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    I am curious... why is it that every device I use to connect to your site,forums,downloads, etc. can remember my login details without issue, for days, even weeks at a time, EXCEPT the very WebOS devices I am on here to share and learn about? If it's my phone, tablet (or even if not), why not do a little work to help this issue out? (I remember having issues on my Treo with, you guessed it, TreoCentral) Thanks for being out here for us.
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    i don't seem to have problems with that, are you sure you're clicking the Remember checkboxes when they come up? and do you maybe have something else clearing out your cookies somehow?
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    Yes and usually 4-5 logins before it sends me to the right page. OK clicking the email just now worked, first thanks!
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    try refreshing the browser when it does that. There is a webos bug, and refreshing the browser usually recognizes you are already logged in.
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    I never noticed the caching problem on my phones, but it is bad on the touchpad.
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    bad on the pre3, as well.

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