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    If you haven't been turned off by the people who haunt the Precentral comments, you know there's a few bad characters who mock everything and everyone. Personally, I got tired of this, but instead of leaving the site and letting them win, I did something about it. I have a Chrome extension that will search for comments made by certain people, and just remove that comment. Precentral is now a much better place for me. Out of sight, out of mind.

    I just wanted to see if there are more people interested in this Chrome extension.
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    Very good idea!
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    Doesn't look like a lot of people are interested, but if you are interested, send me a private message.
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    I never read those comments anyway.
    Opinions are like [...]
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    This would be useful to many on these forums. It falls short of banning the trolls outright and puts a bit of power in the hands of the members. Couldnt it be published or made available in some form here?
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    there is also an option in the forum settings to "ignore" posts ny a specific member.
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    Like Cantaffordit said, the forums have the option of ignoring specific members. However, I made my extension for the article comments because they don't have a similar feature. Like I said earlier, if you're interested in my extension, send me a private message.

    Quote Originally Posted by GuyFromNam
    I never read those comments anyway.
    Opinions are like [...]
    Not everyone's comments! Some people actually have something interesting to discuss (just like the forums), but then there are those people who like to cause trouble.

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