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    I miss the old version too. I guess all good things have come to an end. Been reading this site since 6-6-09 when I got my sprint Pre. My pre is dying and now this site is too hard to read on my pre. It helped my decision to stick with this old phone. Now the question is what phone will I change too. I will miss web-os. Maybe I'll love the next too I tell myself. Maybe
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    I agree, hard to read.
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    Quote Originally Posted by laingman View Post
    I agree, hard to read.
    Agree too, I do not like this new mobile site

    Sad thing is there is no mention of this on precentral's main page and there are only 20 comments on this thread

    The end is rapidly approaching

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    21! Oh wait, does mine make 22? I like this new mobile format iin landscape, font is a little bit small in portrait.
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    Maybe the majority are okay with it and not complaining?
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    i thought it was just me and this buggy Pre3. Drives me crazy that I can't get to the mobile site...
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    I still am having problems on my Pre+ 1.4.5. Each time I relaunch it reverts to the full web site version and opens at least 4 or 5 blank additional cards. Then when I switch to the mobile format it opens a few more blank cards. Once I am in the new mobile format, It stops opening additional cards. I hate the new format but I can't close the strange blank cards fast enough to use the full format version. This also means that I am limited (thanks, mail, tracking, searching) unless I want a full deck of useless cards open.

    Something needs to be fixed.
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    BS03, the extra cards is a new game offered by HP...think of it as a test of your dexterity and quickness!

    Actually, I am not having any problems with extra cards with my Pre+ (VZW). I do have to pick the mobile 2011 version in that near bottom drop down menu. It doesn't stick.
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    @Rockbeast The only way I've gotten it to "stick" is if I access the forums using the link in the emails that the forum sends when subscribed threads are updated. The first time you go to the forum it will be the full version. You need to hit that dropdown & select the mobile version. When you get the emails, select the _NON_ mobile link at the beginning of the email, NOT the mobile link at the end of the email. For some silly reason, selecting the mobile link goes to the full version.

    If I do this, I always get the mobile version. I try to remember to not delete all the emails so I have a "portal" to the mobile version. Like you said, if I access the mobile forums by entering the URL directly (, or use the link to the forums on the mobile version of the main ( site, I get sent to the full version of the forums & have to go through the whole rigmarole again. This isn't limited to webOS devices - I have the same problem on an Android device with 3 different browsers.
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    Not keen at all, enjoyed reading the mobile version as it was before the change. Did Leo choose this layout?
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    so ok P|C admins, i know we were all complaining about the lack features/slow loading... of main site and mobile forum in the past. Some of these things are caused by the lack of webos browser and some are fixed by you (and some for me were fixed not having 1.4.5 anymore so perhaps 'legacy' users still have the ). But could you please report back to the P|C writers on the frontpage to announce changes in website usage. It was driving me crazy serveral times changes happen and were not made public. Having no and not having the emails changed is not good, but not inform people about is unacceptable.

    Well think the new mobile layout is ok, if it helps getting more functions in it on the long term. On Pre 3 some buttons are displaced but hey we are webos users and can take a lot.

    Cheers up to you for your not easy work, but please inform us, cause the first thing every webos user thinks 'oh it's my device again freaking out'.
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    why hast anybody posted a direct link to these new mobile version you speak of? One would think that after 2 pages of discussion somebody got the answer and left it in a post... Or is it that comicated that you have to do that silly procedure written above?
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    We'll make sure the proper P|C folks here who are updating the sites check out this thread for you all. There have been some on-going changes behind the scenes across the Mobile Nations forums, so we apologize for any 'hiccups' you see. Hopefully there is a quick answer for you all. Thanks for letting us know!
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    Any updates on this? I really miss being able to browse the forums from my phone.
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    try and you should see the NEW mobile site. I just noticed it yesterday, so I'm not sure when it went live.
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    I see the new mobile forums. Man that thing is hard to look at, can't deal with this
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    Quote Originally Posted by laingman View Post
    I see the new mobile forums. Man that thing is hard to look at, can't deal with this
    I am happy with the new new format.( ~25th Nov). Much more readable
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    They should do a Main page post talking about all the changes they are doing. Cause I'm confused.
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    I rike it
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    Quote Originally Posted by Grabber5.0 View Post
    I rike it
    What you rike about it. Its easier to use, you like the colors?
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