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    There was a previous thread on this subject but it is out of date.

    As an example, if you wish to exclude Off Topic (forum number 6) you need to use the following link.

    In order to add more excluded forums you just need to add a comma separated list of forum numbers to the end. (mine looks like this at the moment exclude=6,9,197,232,238,339,350) The difficulty is that there is no ready way of obtaining the forum numbers at the moment.

    OldSkoolVWLover came up with this method which is a bit tedious, but does work.

    Quote Originally Posted by OldSkoolVWLover View Post
    Try this.... it's a lil work but should do the job, subscribe to forum, then go to User CP, then mouse over the remove subscription link under the subscribed forum. This should show you the forum number.
    Hope this contributes to your enjoyment of Precentral.
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    Now how do we hide the Off Topic forum from appearing at all? From anyone?
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    Oh yeah, we should also remove the profanity filter. Then the real fun can start.

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    Quote Originally Posted by residentcomedian View Post
    Is it so difficult to just not click on it? Really?
    With 11 pages of New Posts to wade through daily, I'm glad of anything that reduces that number by removing post that I have no interest in.
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    Quote Originally Posted by residentcomedian View Post
    You do know that there are other people that read these forums that might have a different opinion than you, right?

    And we ARE all equals here, last i checked (except GFN).
    I have said nothing which suggests that I want to dictate anybody else's use of Precentral.

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