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    So If I go to thie site and then try to log in it will continually refresh the page with the logged in wait for the page to refresh or click here page. Same thing on my other site that site uses the same forum layout.

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    I had the same issue. Posted but never got a response. It turned out that although the TP would spit me back to the login screen after trying to log in. I was actually logged into the site. I think it's something to do with the TP caching sites so aggressively. There is a patch available on Preware to dumb it down. The name escapes me but there is a thread on here somewhere with instructions. Good luck mate.
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    has there been any resolution for this problem? i've just picked up the tablet and no matter what forum i try i can't log in and post?..............! driving me nuts.
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    Try disabling the browser cache while signing in. It is overly-aggressive with caching as the previous poster said. I had that issue a few times, but I think it went away with one of the last updates.

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