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    It says "Exceeds your quota by 11.95 MB. Click here to view your attachments"

    I've used 12.73MB in attachments. What's up with that?

    this is the thread that I tried posting a picture to.
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    I agree those pop ups are no fun, I think there are several other on-going, beating the dead horse threads to cover the missing Pre3 threads.

    I still cannot post ANY [ IMG ] files(as it says I've exceed my limit, and I've even deleted a large amount of pictures that I'd posted last year, to try and free some "room" up and nothing changes.....I still cannot get my avatar picture any bigger than what you see there. I've tried NUMEROUS file sizes with NUMEROUS pixel dimensions. It doesn't matter if it's 7KB and 200X200 or 18KB and 100X100 it looks exactly the same size.

    This needs higher escalation. Please. Thanks

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