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    Here's an example (taken from another current post) "...When new widgets are introduced, do we need to buy them separately, or are they available as free app updates?"

    Yes, webOS is all about widgets. We welcome the noobs here but can you also remember to check in the android lingo and mentality at the front desk?
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    I believe the reason I found this site was because of all the troubles I was having with my Palm Pre. I got them sorted out and figured out what Preware was etc, and then it was more about getting the most out of my device.

    Had my device been perfect, I probably would never have found PRE|CENTRAL. Same goes for the TouchPad, people don't just join sites because they have a great experience. They join to fix or complain about their issues.

    Personally, whining has gotten me nowhere. I prefer the proactive approach, and try to solve my own problems.

    Some people have what it takes to try and fix their own problems, and others simply wish to let the whole world know their problems. If you've exhausted your resources and still can't fix your problems, then I think you can have an audience, but to simply cry out and do nothing for yourself to fix your own sympathy level for those types is generally lower.
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    Complaining about problems is fine, but those who want to *******ize their Touchpad with some other OS really DO annoy me.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Targon View Post
    Complaining about problems is fine, but those who want to *******ize their Touchpad with some other OS really DO annoy me.
    And you let that get to you?
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    Holy crap what did I miss out on? TouchPad's for $99? OMG how did I miss out on this!? I've been going through some stuff so I haven't been on the net for a while, end up on the site today and I get more sad news to bring me down. I really can't believe people were lucky enough to get one for that price.
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    One aspect of the firesale is that there are a lot of people, myself included, who now have their first top-class tablet - but without the significant investment that tends to blind the purchaser to faults in the device. Nobody likes to feel that something they've paid a lot of money for might have flaws.

    What I'm seeing here is some straight-talking about the Touchpad along with a majority desire to enjoy it, play around with it, and make it better.

    I'm really loving mine, but it's healthy to discuss where it could be improved.
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