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    Is there a way to find your posts? I have a hard time finding my posts, mainly because the browser is so screwed up when it comes to caching. But most forum sites have a way to see all of your posts and replies, usually in the quick links but I don't see it or maybe i am missing something.

    I hate this browser so much i am thinking of selling this POS on ebay real soon.
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    <<thread moved>>

    You can find your posts by clicking the "User CP" button on the top bar (upper left) and click on "Your Profile" on the left pane and then "Statistics". You can use those links to see all of your posts.
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    Thanks. Thats the other thing, posts get moved so much haha. Its not spelled out very well and most users wouldn't have known that. Would be better to have it in the quick links for easy access.
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    Posts get moved when they are posted in the incorrect forums. A copy is always left in the original forum linking to the new location.

    Easiest thing to remember, is that if you simply to to your profile (or someone else's) you can see all of your (or their) posts from that profile page.

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