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    I have a couple of homebrew apps hosted by PreCentral that are having issues downloading in Preware. When a user tries to download them, they only get the first 70K or so before the download stalls. This also seems to be happening when someone tries to download them via WOQI as well.

    I tried to go in and edit the app/upload a new version, but when I click the "Edit" link I just get a blank page. I'm able to get the "New Homebrew" page okay though and if the app is manually downloaded from PreCentral the file is transferred and installs fine.

    I've been experiencing this for about a week now.

    Can anyone help?
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    I am told that as of 6PM Eastern today this problem was fixed. Care to give it another shot?
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    Thanks, I'll try it out in the morning.
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    I'm still having this same issue. Preware only downloads 78kb and then tries to install the partial file. Preware also doesn't show the app icon, only a brown box.

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