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    Please LIKE this if you would like to see a new section just for android on the touchpad.

    I'm just completely sick of everyone arguing about where the posts should be, the "Other Tablets" forum does not appear in the menu and probably isn't the right place to talk about it anyway.

    So please "Like" this post to show support for the idea and hopefully the admins will notice it and act upon it.
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    For better results, try asking the admins, instead of hoping they notice. Site feedback is the proper place for that suggestion. While you, and others may be sick of it....I'm sure there are some, including myself, that are interested in the progress, if not for anything else, because I'm nosy

    I have no desire to replace webOS... I have already put Ubuntu on my TouchPad, and if something half decent comes out of the whole Android deal...I'm sure I'll try it out...for something new if nothing else

    Some people just need to cool their jets once in awhile....

    I get bad flashbacks of Revenge of the Nerds sometimes around here.

    on that note, don't make me knock you the out with my lead lined pocket protector!
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    Why can't this be on an android forum instead of a webOS forum? Seriously, why should a webOS site accommodate an android section? Really???
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    i would prefer that everything touchpad related be in one forum. like there's a seperate forum here for the touchpad kernals (webinternals forum) and there's a different forum for app codes for touchpad apps (the promo code section that's outside the touchpad apps section).....I just want to check one forum, see if there's been anything new and be done. So I vote, let's not create yet another freaking forum. If it's about the touchpad, just put it in the touchpad forum.
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    While general discussion of Android is fine taking place over on AndroidCentral, I'm with those who'd prefer a separate forum here to discuss ports of other systems to the Touchpad, particularly if we're talking about dual boot or running in a card.

    I've been very impressed by this tablet and webOS and come to this forum for information on using my Touchpad, so it's here that I'd want to see discussion about other things I could do with the device, which definitely includes progress towards an Android dual boot.
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    Were you so vocal when this thread came out in March?

    you don't have to read the threads, if you don't like them.
    you don't have to read certain posters, you can block them.

    it's YOUR choice to read them or not.

    Prior to the Android "invasion", there were countless threads about how Apple (fill-in-the-blank) webOS. They didn't interest me, I didn't read them. Pretty simple.

    Are we grown adults, or squabbling 12 year olds? (I guess that's what they mean when you use Advanced Search and at the bottom of the page is a box checked titled "Also search in child forums."
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    Tired of all this android stuff. Why not just get an android tablet
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    Quote Originally Posted by laingman View Post
    Tired of all this android stuff. Why not just get an android tablet
    So... Are you saying there was another reason to buy a touchpad?

    I kid, I kid.
    I'll be here all week folks.

    Anyone? No?
    Ok... I'll go now...

    Sent from my DROIDX using Tapatalk
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    Quote Originally Posted by laingman View Post
    Tired of all this android stuff. Why not just get an android tablet
    Because the TouchPad would be perfect running dual boot webOS and Android. I love Android on my phone and I love webOS 3 on my TouchPad. The problem is the lack of apps for webOS, and yes this has been beaten to death but some of you guys just refuse to understand that. I'm not saying webOS needs the thousands of apps available on Android or Apple but it does desperately need some more quality apps from big names. A lot of of us don't see much development for webOS from big players with HP's lack of direction for webOS or anything for that matter. This is were the dual boot comes in. Get ****ed all you want but it makes sense, especially for those of us used to using apps on our phones.
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    There is already a request for this a few posts down.
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