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    On this web board, how can one search for, say, this phrase:

    "PDF ZOOM"

    and have it search for posts that have exactly that phrase?

    When I try that, I get a result that has all posts that has either the word "PDF" *or* the word "ZOOM".

    I also tried doing a search like this: --> +PDF +ZOOM

    and it still gives me an OR search

    I also tried: ---> PDF AND ZOOM

    and got the same thing.

    It looks like the search tool on this web board is broken.

    Any suggestions?
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    In a google search bar insert: "PDF ZOOM"
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    Ah, forgot about that!

    I'll use Google instead since PreCentral's forum search is crippled and/or broken.
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    Is there a forum admin that could change that strange search strategy now we are webOSnation. If i want to search for pdf OR zoom i do 2 searches and get the right results. But when i want to search pdf AND zoom in one thread/posting i still can't do this on this forum.

    Even worse when you search for touchpad or Pre or something like that.
    Everybody is pickin on people to do aearch before posting, but since the touchpad release this forum exploded and you have to have a good search strategy in your forum.

    activate vbulletin boolean search please.

    till then i use firefox quicksearch with won as shortcut/keyword and "" as location, see also: Forum - View Single Post - How to Search effectively

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