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    I have been on here about the TP for days now and there has been an enormous increase in negative TouchPad and webOS posts lately.

    Honestly I'm getting to the point I do not want to participate anymore.

    Threads disappear so fast I do not have time to respond or read them.

    Lots of threads about comparing the touchpad to others (Useless really)

    These posters claim as in this thread, no matter what we suggest they have done it and the Touchpad still does not work like ours does.

    they have not done what we told them
    they have done what we told them wrong
    they have hardware issues
    or they are Lying

    Sometimes I suspect the last one

    I just needed to comment because its geting tiresome to constantly having to defend the HP TouchPad and webOS when I'm a new adopter myself

    I'm not here to criticize the Touchpad but to learn how to make it better.
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    Just ignore such threads or have a look into the webosroundup forum.
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    Maybe the mods can delete threads with inflammatory headlines or move bug problems to the appropriate thread?
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    These posters will go away on their own in due time.
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    the biggest help is reporting rather than responding. We merge, delete, or move them as fast as we can. Reporting them ensures we don't miss them.
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    Perhaps I can explain. This change occurred sometime after 9AM on August 20th, 2011. The TouchPad forum was no longer a forum of a few people who paid out good money for a tablet because they wanted it for what it was- a WebOS based tablet. Chance are they were familiar with WebOS/Palm- by no means was the price competitive with IPAD. Many of these people were tweakers who have been hardcore Palm enthusiasts for years and spent a lot of time working on tweaks to personalize and/or improve the Palm/Web OS experience- and shared it with others.

    That all changed on Aug 20.

    Now what is present is a whole bunch of people who bought an HP TouchPad not because it was an HP, or a Palm, or had WebOS, They could have cared less about any of that. It could have been a total POS. The only reason they bought it was because it was $99. If HP had ran WFW 3.11 on it, there would have been renewed interest in WFW OS. But despite that the TouchPad forum blew up, what contributions did all these people make by comparison to the contributions made before Leo Apotheker had his famous press conference that cost HP 25 billion dollars and a good number of hard working Palm/Hp employees that spent so much time into developing a WebOS tablet their jobs? Answer: not a lot.

    What you got was a bunch of people who cared less about HP, about Palm, WebOS- or sharing anything of substance with others. They brought their get-something-for-nothing attitude here and expected everyone here to do exactly the same- give them something for nothing. And they called these people "Elitists"- people who had spent a lot of time to create something they could use and shared it with others. Perhaps these people who worked on creating Palm apps or tweaks did it because they enjoyed it- they didnt expect to make any money off of it, but that's besides the point- they still spent a lot of time to develop what they did and they shared it with others who could contribute and make the product better as a community effort. Did the $99 crowd do that? No- they brought their AOL mentality here and expected Yahoo Answers.

    I saw what happened with the overclocking issue. A few guys worked hard on it, and it got spread all over the internet- and we all know what happens then. The story of the horse jumping over the fence no longer involves a horse or a fence, and some conspiracy theory must be involved. I found it quite humorous when the overclocking/preware stuff got locked down out of public view. At that point, any question had only one correct answer. And instead of choosing to read, to be patient and to learn something made just once in their cheap #$$ life, they wanted to be spoon fed. When that didn't happen, they called these people- people who spent time, patience and effort to learn, to read, to develop something and to share- elitists.
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    Yeah, l recently purchased a Pre 3 and was enjoying reading/posting in those threads because they were mostly positive but now the negative posters are starting to migrate into those threads too.
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    That's what happens when webOS expands to an audience that isn't predisposed to forgiving its flaws and ignoring its warts.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cantaffordit View Post
    the biggest help is reporting rather than responding. We merge, delete, or move them as fast as we can. Reporting them ensures we don't miss them.

    If you all see a thread heading down that path, please hit the report button for us. The more involved our members are in helping, the faster we can cut stuff off at the pass.

    There will be some negative stuff here and there when a member has an honest gripe, but negativity breeds on negativity and that is the stuff we want to know about if you see it. We appreciate everyone's help with keeping the forums enjoyable!
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