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    We have no idea how many actual TouchPad owners there are, but there's a lot, overnight. Pre|Central simply can't keep up, more and more new members daily. You need to donate, lend, lease some servers, and you need to do this yesterday! Oh and by the way, it's September 1st today.....I look forward to the new Pivot, on time, on the 8th!

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    What HP should have done in the first place was to sell/lease/donate TP's to as many developers as it could. I still know many developers who can't continue making and testing their apps because they don't have the hardware.

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    They should have given first refusal to all registered developers, then registered users and lastly anyone else while signing a waiver to not sell on ebay (grrrh!)

    Its not much use having users with devices if devs don't and cannot develop.

    They say they will support things, but their actions say everything but.

    Sell to Samsung please and lets have a TouchPad 2 at 299 on a Glaxy tab 10.1.5
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    What HP should have done is to never have hired Leo Apotheker.

    His personal agenda to convert HP from the world's premiere hardware manufacturer into a clone of SAP or IBM has already cost HP shareholders a third of their equity.

    Apotheker never gave webOS a chance. The vision of webOS as the keystone to an enterprise cloud environment may never happen now, unless some White Knight comes along and rescues webOS, or unless the HP board wakes up and sends Apotheker packing home to Germany.

    The voracious demand for TouchPads has at least awakened HP's curiosity. Let's hope they act and save our webOS.

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