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    I've noticed two of my posts were posted immediately as I submitted them (one in Marketplace, one in Touchpad forum), but then one (also in Touchpad forum) told me a message along the lines of "Your post is moderated and will be visible after reviewed by a moderator" as soon as I posted it. Is there some kind of guideline that will tell me what triggers a post to do that? I looked at the forum guidelines and searched this forum but got no clues.

    Also, sorry to the mod who finds me attempting to post that one a second time, I guessed (incorrectly) that it was because of the link in the post, so I removed it and posted it a second time hoping that was it.
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    vaguely recall something to the effect that there are some limits on posting/initiating/having links, etc. until after 15 or 16 posts or so.

    I have a good memory, it's just short.
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    Hi fury,

    You are only allowed to post in the Marketplace forum after you have 50 posts minimum on the site.

    As for the other 'moderated' messages, that is the site spam filter catching your posts and asking our staff if this is a spammer or a valid member. If you tried to post a link as a new member, or if your post contained a bunch of symbols (or there are other flags the filters look for) the post will be flagged. We see them right away and will look and approve them. Once your post count gets higher you won't have that issue.

    Thanks and welcome to Pre|Central!
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    BTW.. I approved the post that came up as "moderated" and deleted the duplicate.
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