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    Far too many people who didn't care about WebOS for the past two years, jumped all over the Touchpad as soon as it fire-saled. Now people who paid the discounted price, are looking for huge profits on even their open boxed items. I believe the fire sale pricing should be enforced in the marketplace.

    I suggest a forum determined cap be placed on Touchpads (for instance, $130 shipped for 16gb and $170 for 32gb) and that any posts with higher prices be deleted.

    I hope the moderators are reading this. Thank you.
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    That's not really their job.
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    The free market will determine what these things sell for. If someone wants to pay the asking price, then it isn't too high.
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    $149.99 + $12 taxes + $20 shipping = $182

    and you want a price cap at $170 for 32gb?


    only thing moderators should do is ban you for this thread

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    Let market to self-regulate. I always wanted a WebOS but couldn't spare $500 for the device. Now I just paid $210 for the Touchpad off the ebay($235 shipped, -10% pay later offer, + $4 in ebay bucks). I think it's worth it and saves you a lot of time and frustration(2 bestbuy orders and 1 onsale order were cancelled on me)
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    The forum guidelines required that anyone posting to sell or trade in the Marketplace must have at least 50 posts. This will eliminate some people from buying a discounted TouchPad and immediately trying to sell it in the Marketplace.

    Otherwise, it is pretty much a free market situation, willing buyers, willing sellers, etc.
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