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    I'm not vindictive or anything... but why the heck are we sporting HP Blue on P|C when they have shown Zero loyalty and pretty lousy future-vision regarding the technology we have all adopted and embraced so ardently?

    Oh, and by the way, while I had planned on upgrading our comapny's servers from G5 to G7 Proliant boxes, I'd be quite the ***** to do that now, wouldn't I.

    Bravo, HP... I used to be a fan of your server-class hardware, but the vague, unformed swill spewing forth over the past couple of days has not only disavowed me from all current WebOS devices, but chased me back to Dell for servers and infrastructure.

    I'm wondering how many US-based jobs this is going to cost the economy?

    I call on all other Small/Medium business owners, corporate COO's & CIO's to make it felt that this has IMMEDIATE effect on current revenue streams, stock values, etc.


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    I was thinking about this yesterday. I think black would be more appropriate.
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    I like green.
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    I like blue better than green, but I feel we should go back to green.
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    +1 no more HP blue!
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    whats the palm color
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    <<threads merged>> I believe the blue was temporary.. perhaps this all will shorten that period.
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    cardinal red.
    I see pandas.
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    Palm orange of course
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    please go back to green or orange
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    Quote Originally Posted by rsanchez1 View Post
    I like green.
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    Wallpaper Switcharoo app solves that, then the touchpad glass theme to see the wallpaper through the menus.

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