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    Other than those of us who are stuck with early adoption purchases, I really don't see how this forum is useful anymore. Those who can return their TouchPads are, those who were waiting to buy a newer version can't, and apps are pretty much in their final version now.

    I guess we can share war stories....
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    A BIG Dislike. LOLS

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    Yeah, it's a sad day. I am going to miss webOS. I was waiting for a tablet. I think it's a great OS. But despite some of the delusional members, this is really it. It's the death throes of the best mobile OS. Beaten by marketing and better hardware. Farewell, webOS. We hardly knew ye.
    Blasphemous webOS fan, using Android (with a big phone buying problem)
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    I'll get the lights. case arrived in the mail today. I'm going to try and sell it if it will do any good.
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    Folks... our forum rules are still in effect. Stuff like this is not needed or allowed. Just because of the partial news received today, these forums are business as usual.

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