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    webOS is now the distant cousin of AmigaOS4.x, waiting for a savior to come resurrect them, and im some1 whos still waiting for the upcoming AmigaOne X1000 and AmigaOS4.2 from Hyperion, even this far on i want AmigaOS, in the same way i still want webOS on my touchpad.
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    if precentral is not going anywhere,what will it be posting or will it just in be in the forums?
    lets just be honnest the future of webOS is not bright.
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    WebOS is just too good to die! The user community will follow it to the end of the world.
    I'm in for the long haul. I Just ordered a Pre 2 from Verizon and I am going to keep my launch day Pre + until it just stops working.
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    To be perfectly clear: As long as there is a community to serve, PreCentral will be here. We're not HP, we aren't going to drop you all because things aren't going well.
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    thanks for the reassurance now i just hope that they don't shut down the webos servers
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    I'll stay here, because I'll gonna need help with my Samsung Galaxy S3 with webOS!!

    Best Regards...
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    Hopefully it stays around. Its not like all the WebOS devices that are out there are suddenly going to vanish. And if anything, its going to need MORE of a community support now due to the likely exodus of many professional developers.

    With that said, it'll be interesting to see what happens to PreCentral when they Ban Derek Kessler. I mean, any NORMAL member would've been banned for posting a rant with such things such as stating:

    - The Veer and TouchPad are mediocre hardware
    - WebOS 3.0 was not a complete launch OS
    - Complaining about the CEO's bogus "weeks" comment
    - *****ing about the Pre3's launch
    - Pointing out that HP are idiots doing the same failed horrible business model and path that Palm did
    - Stating you won't be buying HP products
    - Said screw you to HP

    Had any normal poster did a rant like that on this forum prior to yesterday they would've been at the very least suspended. I do truly hope that PreCentral can survive without the leadership of Derek Kessler since I'm sure it'll be consistent in its treatment of its administrators as opposed to the posters they label as "Trolls" simply because they thoroughly enjoyed the OS as well but refused to just sit there going "EVERYTHING IS GREAT" which was apparently the requirement for PC.
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    Hopefully all the trolls leave.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rsanchez1 View Post
    Hopefully all the trolls leave.
    I don't know about here but currently HP staff are trolling their own touchpad website:

    HP TouchPad | Tablet PC | HP® Official Site

    (Click on any of the overview videos).
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    After today, it looks like there will be a lot of new members joining the community and some older ones leaving. I'd say it's a very large net gain.
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