1) Place important submenus that are currently accessed by mouse in front. Basically whats missing is “todays post” at the front P/C page. Latest posts is what forum members use most. So if there is a click button to use it rather than hitting forums… waiting for it to load….hit todays post, one should be directly be able to click on today’s post from the front page.

2) A small description of the post in the forums. Right now its accessed by mouse, but by placing a small description of the post, one can decide to click on it or not when using TP

3) Move videos to HTML5 from flash on the front page. Can be seen by all the phones which means more clicks for P/C

4) Unable to leave comments on the front page with TP, that should be fixed for sure.

5) Unable to leave comments with webOS phones.

6) Maybe make a P/C app also, that automatically notify you when a new article is posted.

What do you guys think? Does anyone has anymore suggestions?