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    Since the touchpads are basically consumer products that donít require a cellphone contract, I would think that they would be available through the accessory store. For that matter, why canít we buy off contract phones from the accessory store as well?
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    That's an interesting idea. Right now the store doesn't have that kind of relationship with HP, though it's definitely something we might explore in the future - becoming a reseller for a well-known company like HP or Apple is a bit different than serving up cases and screen protectors...
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    does it require that much extra work
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    My old company was a reseller for a lot of a/v equipment and yes, there is a bit of a process to setting up when we were doing it. I would think the process would be similar for setting up to resell this equipment.
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    We did apply to become a dealer a few months ago, but were turned down. Maybe time to try again now that they are expanding distribution (Woot??)
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    could you make money at $299?
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    My suppliers have a combined total of 12,034 32GB TouchPads and 6,612 16GB TouchPads in their warehouses. If you've got a retail license, just sign up with D&H or Ingram Micro and start selling them, as long as you can put up with ridiculously low margins and a likely high return rate.
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