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    Hey all -

    We're trying to diagnose some issues we're having with the main site login (this is not about mobile, that's another issue). If you can log in on the forums but your ability to log in on the main site is failing, please reply with the following information:

    OS version:
    Browser and version:
    Approximately how long you have been having issues with the front page login:
    Is your issue temporary (does it come and go) or persistent?
    Any other thoughts:

    Thanks in advance for helping us with this. We're throwing as many rocks and insults as we can at the servers.
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    oakridge outdoors
    Win7 x64/WinXP SP3/TouchPad 3.0.2
    Chrome (13.0.782.112 m)/Firefox (4.0.1 & 5)
    Seems like a few months, but has been for a few weeks at least
    Has been persistent.

    Good luck!

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    I don't remember ever being able to logon to the homescreen with any system I own, I've never had a problem in the forums though.

    Win7 Ult. x64, WinXP SP3, Touchpad 3.0.2, Pixi Plus 1.4.5
    IE 7, 8 and 9
    Don't remember ever being successful

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    Win Vista SP2 (User Account Off)
    IE 9.0.8112.16421
    Ever since I joined the PC forums
    Always a problem ...
    However, on my Win XP SP3
    Shows me logged on in Google Chrome, but not logged in on IE
    Chrome 7.0.517.41
    IE 8.0.6001.187
    When I go into the forums, it always shows me logged in (if I am)...

    It also seems to take a long time for a new password to be recognized, usually overnight for me ...
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    Thanks guys!
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    Windows XP, SP-3. can login forums but cant login at the website.
    Username: kkhanmd
    browser: Chrome
    It come and goes.
    Plus I cant leave a comment with TP on the P/C site (not forums ) even though I am logged in when I use TP.
    If this helped you hit thanks.
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    username on forums: rstark (main site is rickjds)
    OS version: Win7, webOS 3.0.2
    Browser version: IE9 and webOS stock browser
    How long: a real long time
    Thoughts: no idea except you are using different authentication DB's for each site. Have never been able to log into the main site. I have not tried to log into the main site until a few months ago while I have been a forum member since 10/2009
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    Username: Zomer
    OS version: OSX & Windows XP
    Browser and version:Google Chrome 10+
    Approximately how long you have been having issues with the front page login:Always
    Is your issue temporary (does it come and go) or persistent?: Persistent
    Any other thoughts:

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